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Keep up to date on all Georgia events. Training, Briefings, Super Saturday, Special Events will all be posted here
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Southeastern Region 100 Conference Call
Visit Go Team 100 on FACEBOOK
Commit to be part of “The 100”
For 60 days I Will Not Quit! I Will Do More…I Will get Better. I Will Operate My Business with Integrity and Character by keeping My Word and Commitment. If I fall I will get back up…If I fail I will start over…If I need help I will ask for it. I will do this because I said I would as part of “THE 100”
Every Thursday, 9:30 pm EST
Live Conference Call Number:
712-432-7695 PIN: 3274#

Telephone lines will open up 5 minutes prior to call times

To receive limited text messages regarding future Southeastern Region 100 Conference calls text
serba100 to 96000

Listen to past weeks calls online: CLICK HERE

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This call is hosted by Nick Serba, Regional Vice President for Georgia and North Carolina

We're excited to announce the location for the next Performance Club dream vacation is Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort - Cancun, Mexico! There will be endless options for adventure, entertainment, relaxation & dining!

More Info

What: Convention 2016 - Going Oklahome
Where: Cox Business Services Convention Center
When: July 14 - 16, 2016

LegalShield TRAINING

New Associate Training
Your FIRST STEP is to go to our online site at
• Listen to the intro message from CEO Rip Mason.
• Then print the First Step Download PDF under Rip’s picture.
• Complete the First Step form by listening to the MP3 Files or Windows Media Player files. The 16 audio files are about 45 minutes in length.
• After you complete this form, make sure you send a copy to your sponsor!

Fast Start To Success

This is a powerful training that features some of the very BEST LegalShield Trainers. This training is made available to all new Associates FREE. There is a small fee to take a refresher training.

• Check the CALENDAR for the next training.
• To register for this training - please go to: (you can find the registration under the "trainings" tab on your Associates home page)

Download the workbook

Group School Certification
Designed to teach you how to market LegalShield memberships as an employee benefit to businesses. You MUST be "group certified" by taking this class to market the memberships in this manner.

This class is given once a month and is a two-day all-day course given at various locations. There is a reduced fee for those wishing to re-take the class to refresh their skills.In order to take the class, you MUST pre-register with Group Marketing in Ada by calling 580-421-6326.

Check the CALENDAR for the next training.

Small Business Certification
LegalShield's specialized legal plans for small business entities require special training to present and sell effectively. In order to receive commissions on sales of the Business Owner's Legal Solution Plan, you MUST be certified by taking this class from an approved trainer.

Associates wishing to re-take the class to refresh their skills may do so at a reduced fee. Contact the instructor for details.

More info:

Check the CALENDAR for the next training.

Commercial Drivers Legal Plan (CDLP) Certification
The Commercial Drivers Legal Plan (CDLP) is LegalShield's special legal protection plan for drivers, covering not only their general legal needs and moving violations but also such areas as D.O.T. infractions to keep them licensed and on the road.

This class is designed to teach you the in-and-out details of marketing the CDLP membership. You must have completed this school to sell this legal plan.

Check the CALENDAR for the next training.

Video Training

Getting Started Right

Learn from the best! Watch this video to see how Platinum Executive Director, Kevin Mack, teaches you how to start your business the right way.

PBR: Launch Your Business

Learn from the best! Watch this video to see how Diamond Executive Director, Brian Carruthers, teaches you how to use ‘PBR’s” to launch your business.
Download: PBR Checklist

Platinum World

Learn from the best! Watch this video to see how Platinum Executive Director, Larry Smith teaches you how to dream big and achieve those dreams with LegalShield.

Your New Associate Kit

Watch this video to see Vice President of Training and Associate Development, Patrick Hodges welcome you to LegalShield and explain the contents and tools included inside your New Associate Kit.

Audio Training

Change Starts with You

Listen | Download

Starting your own business can be stressful, and it can even cause you to second guess yourself. Listen as Mr. Self takes you through his journey and demonstrates to you that LegalShield is the right place for you. It's a place where you can improve yourself and become financially independent as you help others change their lives too. Stop second guessing yourself, and don't second guess LegalShield as the right vehicle to change your life.


Listen | Download

Whether it's a "can-do" attitude or a "bad" attitude, the point is we've all got one. And your attitude - that mindset of your abilities, your ambitions and even your limitations - shapes your thinking, influences your success and moulds your future. Maybe it's time to change your attitude and change your future.

Success 3...2..1.

Listen | Download

As you start your journey to success, remember your journey to success starts with you. You are the one who must take the first step toward that goal, and you are the one who must keep moving forward. Don't just dream about success. Start living it.

10 Core Commitments

Listen | Download

To be successful, you need to make a commitment - one to yourself now and one to yourself in the future - because the actions you take today will affect who you become tomorrow. Make the commitment to get started right and make the commitment to finish what you start.

Performance Club to Platinum World

Listen | Download
Bonus - Larry Smith: Listen | Download
Bonus - Doni Smith: Listen | Download

Every journey begins with one step. The only way to make it to the top is to start from the bottom. By setting consistent goals for yourself and accomplishing them month after month, you are strengthening your skills and improving yourself.

Growing Leaders and Creating a High Performance Team

Listen | Download
Bonus - John Hoffman: Listen | Download

With LegalShield, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. You are building your own business team, and as a leader, you do not create followers - but rather other leaders. When you teach them to be successful, you are ensuring your own success.

What's Your Story? Believe and Achieve

Listen | Download
Bonus - Patrick Shaw: Listen | Download

The most powerful story you will ever hear is the one you tell yourself about yourself. If the belief you have in yourself is strong, you are destined for great things. In this CD you will learn the 4 steps to creating and believing in a powerful new story.

Falling In Love With Your Future

Listen | Download
Bonus - Mike Melia: Listen | Download
Bonus - Steve Melia: Listen | Download
Bonus - Kim Melia: Listen | Download

Work. Play. Love. LegalShield opens a door of opportunity for you to plan your future the way you want to live it. So if your current lifestyle is ready for a change, this is your chance to learn about LegalShield and learn how to fall in love with your future.

Georgia Provider Law Firm

Georgia Provider Law Firm

Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Green, Campbell and Daly, LLC
Toll Free Number: 800 537-7503
Direct Number: 770 806-1911

4851 Jimmy Carter Boulevard
Norcross, Georgia 30093

Call 580-436-7424 to RSVP for their next open house

More information

Georgia Contact Information

  • Network Vice President:
    Ulysses & Lynnette Brown, Jr

  • Business Vice President:
    Alistair Edwards

  • Regional General Manager:
    Nick Serba
    Office: (770) 951-9344
    FAX: (770) 951-2587

  • LegalShield
    One Pre-Paid Way
    Ada, Oklahoma 74820
    Phone 580-436-1234

  • LegalShield
    Office Hours:

    7am - 7pm CST - Monday through Friday
    Customer Service - 800.654.7757
    Marketing Services - 580.436.7424
    Web Support - 800.699.9004 opt. 1,3,3

    All the email addresses listed below will answer your questions from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CDT Monday - Friday. Don’t waste another minute! Try this wonderful new option today and live more, worry less! - This email address will assist with any Performance Club related questions. Have questions or concerns with points issuing, bonus checks, PC trips, retention and more - just email us! - This email address will field questions or concerns on a wide variety of topics specific to our compensation plan. Try it out and see how easy it is to use! - Last but definitely not least, our Associate Services database can handle any questions you can think of related to your agreement.

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